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What I can do for you...


Jen is an experienced composer who has written for a wide range of film genres including romance, documentary, period, children's cartoon, and comedy. She has refined her craft of melding music to picture to instil a powerful effect on the audience. If you have a project that needs fresh and innovative music, please get in touch!

Bassist - Session and Live

With over 10 years’ of experience playing bass guitar in a range of styles including soul, jazz, pop and rock, Jen will provide a reliable and creative addition to your song, composition or live performance. She plays on a Fender Jazz bass and is skilled at techniques including finger style, picking, slap and palm muting.


From self-producing her electronic-indie pop solo project, Jensyn, to arranging and designing cinematic scores, Jen has an in-depth knowledge of the production process for a range of genres. She uses Cubase along side Spitfire Audio virtual instruments, combined with guitar, bass, mandolin and vocals to create inspiring music.

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